coronavirus - the 'c' word

The ‘C’ Word

What a difference a week makes. When we launched our Noise co. website a week ago, we had plans for weekly social media posts about who was ‘making noise’ each week. Now it’s hard to escape the noise being made by the rising panic and pandemonium that is covid-19.

Our inboxes are full of emails from businesses and services informing us of how they plan to cope as news and experience of the virus continues to roll out in this ever-changing environment. Meetings are now phone conferences, or even better, emails (with clever memes already circulating). Kids’ sports have been postponed, public meetings are now reduced to a maximum of 100 people and ballet classes have extra sanitising practises in place. Public pools are still ok apparently although personally I’m not taking the risk on that one.

The communication around all these changes has a clear focus on the health and wellbeing of our community. At a time when we are all facing an unknown fear, the messaging is consistent – we are all in this together.

While from a work point of view it may not be the ideal time to launch a business, it has certainly been an interesting time to view the communications approaches of many we admire. Some have been able to respond in unique ways, that perfectly reflect their ethos.  An email arrived in my inbox from Third Drawer Down, aptly titled, “We’re in the shit” (there’s a magnet – you can buy it here).  David Walsh released a wonderfully written statement about the cancellation of Tasmania’s Dark Mofo.

At Noise co. we’re in a unique position ourselves as being writers we are somewhat self- isolated as a profession. However as the uncertainty looms ahead for all of us, we are bunkering down and doing what we do best. Writing, researching and strategizing (while keeping the appropriate social distance) is our plan of action during this time. We cannot predict what the short term weeks ahead will look like. Rest assured, we are here in the moment and getting ready to support you, your team and your business by continuing to make noise and even more noise once the roar dies down.

We have website, social media content and other copywriting packages designed to suit all budgets. Email us at to find out more.

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